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Garage Door Springs

Garage Door Springs

Our garage door specialists offer top quality door spring replacement and installation.

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Repair Garage Door

Repair Garage Door

We can make sure that your garage door functions smoothly by replacing broken door springs.

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Garage Door Company

Garage Door Company

We are specialists in electric garage door repair, maintenance, and replacement services

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Professional residential garage door services by top experts

Simple tips for all garage door matters! Read here the best ideas about ways to maintain garage doors.

Always inspect your garage door’s condition

As you continue using your garage door, the header and/or your door bracket can slowly loosen and cause the door to bind. Our garage door repair specialists situated in Bellaire suggest that you always inspect your header and door bracket to prevent such a situation from happening.

A tight belt is important

It's crucial to stress the importance of the belt connected to the pulley, as a loose belt can cause problems for your door. You can easily fix this problem by simply tightening the belt, but if the belt is too worn out to be used, replacing it with a new one would be the best thing to do.

The uses of aluminum frames for garage doors

Garage doors have a tendency to last a long time if maintained well enough. However, for those who are willing to put up more resources for their garage door, aluminum frames can push its longevity well past its limits. In fact, aluminum frames almost eliminates the need for maintenance altogether.

Replacing garage door cables

Measure the old cables to match the new ones. It is usually 7 and 8 feet. The existing spring must be removed before you replace the cable. Our specialists have the tools to complete this task. Cables must be placed in the right direction and after the winding is complete, the springs should be stretched to ensure that the shaft floats freely.

Keep the door clean

The garage door is, in the end, mechanical equipment and requires servicing the same way any other machinery does. Keeping the door mechanism, including the opener, photo eye sensors, tracks the motor and the torsion springs clean, ensures smooth functioning of the door at all times.

Garage Door Repair Bellaire

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